An Apprenticeship with Jesus Christ

Jesus the Redeemer statue

For anyone who isn’t sure whether they’ve responded to Jesus’s message of repentance and forgiveness, or for anyone who wants to explore His thinking more fully, He offers an apprenticeship scheme!

His first followers were apprenticed to Him for about three years. He chose some of them to be with Him, listen to Him, watch Him and work with Him – and we have four separate accounts of their experience and training. They’re called the Gospels and they’re in the New Testament. By reading them we can be apprentices too, become His followers and start learning to think and live like Him. The friendship with Him that we embark upon in this way lasts more than a lifetime!

In a way, the four Gospels are like four possible apprenticeships that suit different kinds of people, and Marks Gospel is the simplest and most practical. In my book, ‘A Pathway into the Bible – Walking with God Then and Now’ , there is an outline of every book of the Bible including the Gospels. The outline on Mark’s Gospel is especially written for anyone who knows they want to think about becoming a Christian or just wants to explore this apprenticeship further. It’s called ‘Concentrated Good News.’

If you would like to read it you can download it free by clicking on the link below. If you’ve never read Mark’s Gospel before, I suggest you read ‘Concentrated Good News’ right through at one sitting. It’s just fourteen pages and will take you about 35 minutes to read. But then be sure to read Mark’s Gospel itself using ‘Concentrated Good News’ as a guide.




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