About me

Stuart and Young Harry

I’m a recently retired Anglican Vicar with forty years of teaching, preaching and thinking carefully stored away in my head – like heirlooms in the attic. And I’m hoping there’ll be people who’d like to have a rummage and make use of some of it.

I became a Christian at University in 1971, I’ve been the Minister of four churches, on the wider leadership of eight others and a trustee of several Christian charities. And I’ve started or led a number of cross-denomination groupings of churches, youth workers and community-based ministries.

In the past, I’ve helped many local churches to become more focussed around mission and evangelism, but my last and longest job was as Vicar of St.Andrew’s Church, Westcliff-on-Sea, where we were most closely involved with homeless people, rough-sleepers and those with long-term mental health, addiction and criminality issues.

If you really feel you need to know more, click here: Stuart Kimber CV (2018)

But what’s really been my passion for longer than I care to remember, is teaching and preaching the Bible to help Christians think more Christianly and walk closer to God. So if you’d like to pick over some of that stuff in my attic, have a look at ‘A Pathway into the Bible’ and  ‘About this Website’ to get an idea of how I’m trying to organise it all.

Meanwhile, I’ve driven 1960’s classic cars, accumulated a huge collection of Golden Age Detective Fiction, and had three children, two grandchildren and one wife.

But that’s quite enough about me.